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by Andrea Leofreddi

How to compress a PDF file on MacOSX (& Linux)

Often (and especially when scanning documents with my printer) from MacOSX I would get unreasonable huge PDFs which are not suitable for emails. To strip

Tags: Unix, Linux, macOSX, pdf

Bacula mail changer script (aka poor man's autoloader)

I enjoy Bacula for automated home backups on DLT and DDS tape drives. Being used at home there’s no – obviously – big-dollar-company-manager to ask for


Nagios nrpe and sudo: "NRPE: Unable to read output"

On CentOS 5 (and RedHat EL as well), you can encounter the following behaviour when configuring an nrpe plugin with sudo: [andrea@feyd ~]$ /usr/lib/

Tags: Linux, Nagios, Sudo, Unix

SSH X11 forwarding issue

Recently I’ve been in an awkward situation with ssh and X11 forwarding, where ssh using the classic -Y or -X option wasn’t working

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seq equivalent

On platforms without seq (MacOSX, Solaris), you can emulate it using dc as follows (note the upper bound and the lower bound): echo '[1+

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