Sometimes I code something, which might eventually be published here; as I did so far for the followings:

  • Sun Mar 26 12:45:09 CEST 2006, NNet, a multilayered metaprogrammed c++ neural network. Network topology is determined by compile-time type declaration.
  • Mon Feb 2 01:31:36 CET 2004, pam_quota, a simple pam session module to automatically setup user quota (root excluded).
  • Tue Nov 11 22:10:34 CET 2003, MCad, a toy cad built as university project. It features vectorial 2d algebra (rotations, translation, scales ecc.), garbage collection, multiplatform support (Windows, Linux, Solaris), XML serialization and some other stuff.

There is still some other stuff which I didn’t report here which is still linked from the old projects page.